GAMING MATHS - The Thing that Makes the People Play

Very many have used our services and did not regret about it.

More than 20 years we make Gaming/Gambling Maths for casino slot games.

What is it?

Don't try to find out. This is a secret. Just google these 2 words - gaming math or gambling math, and see - everything and nothing.

There is a lot of articles how the casino slot games are made, about the probabilities and the mathematical models, the principles of making games of chance and so on...

But not a word about why some slot games are so popular and other not. Popular means they make a lot of money...

Why, then, it's so difficult just to make the same game - similar symbols, game play, sounds, percentages?

It's not difficult. Not at all. And many have tried.

But even when the copy is absolutely the same (with the same parameters) as a popular game, gamblers just don't play it.

To be more precise, they play it for a while but after a short time they go away.

They don't touch the copy any more or at least the copy game does not have any success.

Strange isn't it?

When you ask the gamblers why they don't like the copy game, they say that the game doesn't play well...

Hence there is something more than the visible and invisible game parameters.

Yes. And it's called Gaming/Gambling Maths what is not exactly and only mathematics.

This is the Whole Process of Gaming/Gambling - as a chain of events that make the players be endlessly fascinated with the game and sit down and play and play, again and again...

And all that must be put into mathematical moduls of course.

The difficulty is in the existence of some elements in the process of gaming, that are hard to put into mathematical frames as long as they are more a matter of feelings than exact parameters.

And that's why the final effect can be reached only as a result of using all instruments and so eventually to make a good game.

The chances to succeed are directly proportional to your ability to understand the feelings of the gambler.

In other words you have to be a gambler. But you have to be a mathematician also.

Yes, this combination is difficult to find too...

That's it. In a few words.