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Now our time-proven tools are totally accessible. Take advantage of these powerful instruments, use it properly...and everybody will play just the way you want them to play...

We believe that the games are everywhere and that everybody plays his own or/and some other games.

We also believe that everything can be presented as a game and the people will like it more.

A simple website, for example, made with game elements, would be much more interesting and atractive to people.

No matter what exactly we want them (the visitors) to see, read or buy, the game elements in presentations of the content in any website make it easier for the visitors to adopt it.

Of course, the game elements must be implanted in the right way, otherwise we risk not getting the desired effect.

The technologies nowadays allow everybody to invent and popularize his own games or game elements for his own website.

Here you can benefit from our experience and mature technical solutions. Do not waste time and take it now. Let's make them play!


A chance for the "little man"

Server-based gaming, or SBG, is a solution employed by video lotteries and casinos to operate Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) and Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs), the latter commonly referred to as slot machines. An SBG system includes a central system and gaming terminals which connect to the central system. SBG systems may be operated locally over a LAN or span large geographical areas, even entire nations, over a WAN, such as the Internet....

The link above is to Wikipedia, where thе issue is described in sufficient detail.

But we would like to focus on something else - the opportunities given to the "little man" by these trends.

Monsters of the gaming industry have occupied and monopolised this business long ago and for a long time. I mean the land casino business.

It's impossible for you to organize manufacturing of gaming machines or even games of chance. What to say about the organising casinos or gaming halls. They will not let you develop any of these things.

Everything is being done to stop new invaders in this business...

The instruments used to stop you are many and various. Nothing new - this is the logic of all the businesses we see today.

Online gaming however is not fully monopolised yet. And won't be soon.

This is the chance of the "little man" to get some piece of the gaming industry and may be to develop it to big one some day.

Online gaming now is like the gold rush in the USA 160 years ago.

Try not to miss the chance - contact us >>>

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